SECaaS.IT – Future of Hospitals Act (KHZG)

  1. What is the Future of Hospitals Act (KHZG)?
  2. How does the funding process work ?
  3. How the funding can be implemented
  4. What would a joint project look like?

The Future of Hospitals Act (KHZG) implements the „Hospitals of the Future Program“. The federal and state governments will provide a total of EUR 4.3 billion in funding to enable hospitals to invest in modern emergency capacities (e.g., patient portals, electronic documentation of care and treatment services, digital medication management), digitization and their IT security.


Applications can be submitted by the states to the Federal Social Security Office by Dec. 31, 2021. Project implementation must then take place by the end of 2024. The subsidies themselves will be paid out by the end of 2022.


A fixed portion of the funding (15%) is to be used for the area of IT security. This essentially includes procurement, construction, expansion or development of information technology or communications technology equipment, systems or processes in order to take the appropriate organizational and technical precautions to the state of the art levels to prevent disruptions to the availability, integrity and confidentiality of the hospital operator’s information technology systems, components or processes that are essential for the functionality of the respective hospital and the security of the processed patient information.


SECaaS.IT already supports you in the preparation of the funding documents to be submitted and helps you to plan and coordinate the planned measures within the project implementation. We stand by you as a partner throughout the entire process. As IT security consultants, we help you to set up a coordinated IT security catalog for the overall process and for the hospital, to coordinate essential requirements for the individual structural components, and to consider and plan for the decisive security requirements. In doing so, we help you to get an overview of the overall process and to intercept the critical IT security issues and guide them in an orderly manner.


If you want to benefit from the funding and are looking for an IT security partner who can also help you with the overall project management and project support, as well as with the initiation of the funding, we look forward to hearing from you.